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Rules & Regulations for UNESCO HK Events

The following rules and regulations have been put in place for the comfort and protection of all our guests. We thank you for your cooperation and wish you a safe and enjoyable experience with us:

SAFETY - Parents and guardians are responsible for the safe custody or care of their children while in the park. We provide a variety of shows, exhibits and activities, please supervise your children at all times and consider the age, height, maturity, strength, weight, or other attributes of people under your care when choosing a particular activity.

SECURITY CHECK -  For the safety of our guests, all persons, bags, parcels and other items may be subject to security checks at the point of admission to the Park and /or at such other locations inside the Park as we consider appropriate. Guests are reminded that certain items which may be deemed dangerous or offensive may be prohibited from being brought into the park, and we reserve all rights to deal with any unattended object in such way as we consider appropriate.

BAGGAGE- Any baggage over the size of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm is not allowed to bring into any attraction or exhibit. Guest may deposit the baggage at the Baggage Counter located at the entrance. Thank you for your cooperation.

GUEST CONDUCT - Guest should comply with the Science Park Bylaw. Unruly behavior and profanity will not be tolerated and violators may be asked to leave the park without a refund. Please do not run and do sit or stand on fences or railings, and do not allow your children to play with doors, windows, electrical wiring and/ or displays.

LINE JUMPING - Line Jumping is strictly prohibited. Guests are not permitted to save places in line or exit the line and return for any reason. Members of a party are not allowed to join those already in the queue.

SMOKING - For the comfort of our guests, smoking is allowed in designated areas only. Please see map for specific smoking locations.

Where food and drinks are being prepared or produced on site, a temporary food licence issued by the FEHD is required. It is the duty of the partner/ booth administrator to ensure that all necessary permits and licences will be applied for and remain valid for the entire duration of the event.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Photographs and video may be taken for personal use. Commercial photography is strictly prohibited except with prior permission. Admission to the Park signifies your permission and agreement for UNESCO HK to take and use your photographs or images for educational and promotional purposes without your prior consent.

WEATHER - Guest safety is our number one concern. As such,  during severe weather conditions, certain  shows may need to be suspended. No refunds or rain checks for inclement weather. Thank you for your understanding.


The following items may not be brought into the Park:

  1. Dangerous or hazardous materials
  2. Protest banners, posters or balloons with unwelcome statements
  3. Carts or other wheeled carriers (with the exception of baby strollers or wheelchairs, and or luggage with size smaller than 56cm x 36cm x 23 cm)
  4. Pets (with the exception of Service Animals).
  5. No cycling, skates, skateboards will be allowed in passenger zones.
  6. Radio, CD players or any other equipment producing loud noises.

The following activities are not allowed:

  1. The sale of goods or services or the display of goods or services for sale not authorized by UNESCO HK.
  2. The distribution of printed materials of any kind.
  3. Unauthorized events, demonstrations or speeches and other unauthorized public gatherings.
  4. The display of any flag, banner or other emblem unless approved by UNESCO HK.
  5. Photography, videotaping, recording of any kind, broadcast or transmission for commercial purposes.
  6. Engaging in any act that may impede the operation of the Park event.

Other Conditions

  1. We reserve the right to deny admission, or to require a person already admitted to leave  without compensation, for failure to comply with any of the above rules, for unsafe, illegal or offensive behavior, to ensure safety, security or order, or if we consider that the circumstances so require.
  2. We may without prior notice and without compensation, change the operating hours of the Event or attractions, close the Park or any part of it temporarily, restrict the number of persons having access , and/or suspend or cancel any attraction or entertainment program, due to over capacity,  weather or other reasons, to ensure safety, security or order, or if we consider that the circumstances so require.
  3.  We are not responsible and do not assume any liability for any damage to or loss of the property or belongings of any Guest, whether such damage or loss is caused by our negligence or otherwise.
  4. For the purposes of these rules, "we" means UNESCO Hong Kong.These rules are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.
  5. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of these rules, the English version shall prevail.

Venue Rules & Regulations
The aforementioned covers only the Rules and Regulations for UNESCO HK events. In addition to which, all participants understand and agree  to abide also by the rules and regulations of each venue (herewith enclosed).

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